NLCSA (Natural Learning Case Study Archive) is a research facility for myself and others interested in using case study analysis to deepen our understanding of common sense knowledge and natural learning (how the mind interacts with everyday experiences to develop common sense knowledge). I am putting here three case study corpora based on experiences with three of my children. Each corpus contains recorded materials (originally videotape, now digitized), text observations, and interpretations of some of those materials. Beginning in 1976 and continuing into the 1980's, these are some of the earliest studies of children with extensive involvement in computing. The materials are presented separately, by individual child, although there is significant overlapping and interrelatedness of materials; the organization shows that each study is of a person, that it involves ideas, and that the materials comprise a rich source of data.

My secondary, methodological objective is to advance case study as a discipline by sharing materials publicly so that:

  • previous interpretations and analyses can be questioned by others with different viewpoints, and
  • others may offer their own different interpretations of what material interests them.
    If you, as a researcher, want to examine in more detail the videos presented here in quicktime web format, contact me at the email address below to discuss availability of the material.

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    If you have suggestions about improving the effort in any way, please let me know with a short email message.

    Cordially, Robert W. Lawler

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